The National Theatre: pyramid power

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The National Theatre: pyramid power

Renamed Cláudio Santoro National Theatre, in honour of the great composer, the National Theatre, constantly under renovation, deploys striking interior gardens created by Roberto Burle Marx.

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer in 1958, the National Theatre, the largest architectural complex devoted to the arts in Brasília, wasn't opened to the public until 1981. It is an irregular pyramid without a point, characteristic of Aztec architecture. With a height of 46 metres, the concrete structure is covered on its east and west facades by 3,608 glass panels.

Around the building, the garden, designed by Roberto Burle Marx, refers to Mexican vegetation, using species of the dry lands such as vellozia, yuccas, and agaves. Burle Marx also designed the indoor gardens in the Grand Foyer and on the mezzanine level.

Under the translucent glass slope of the ceiling, lush greenery and artistic interventions by Marianne Peretti and Alfredo Ceschiatti combine, creating a striking contrast with the exterior, a major feature of the building. The acoustic treatment of the three theatres was entrusted to the Russian expert Igor Sresnewski.

Cláudio Santoro National Theatre
Setor Cultural Norte
Via N 2
Brasília 70070-200

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