The National Gallery of Oslo: treasure trove of Norwegian art

The National Gallery of Oslo: treasure trove of Norwegian art

Edvard Munch's world-famous masterpiece, ‘The Scream', is among the works on display here.

This museum houses the largest collection of Norwegian and international art in the city. It also presents the opportunity to take greater interest in one of its most fascinating representatives, the famous painter, Edvard Munch. Born in 1863, he decided to be a painter at 16 and quickly became a pioneer of realism in modern painting.

Between 1893 and 1917, he produced five versions of his famous Scream', three paintings, one pastel, and a lithograph. The painter said that during one of his walks along the Oslo Fjord at sunset he ‘sensed an infinite scream passing through nature'. This work shows the glowing sky of dusk on the fjord, and experts point out that this is probably the ash emitted by the volcanic explosion of Krakatoa in 1893.

In 2012, a version of the painting reached a record $119.92 million at auction. The biggest admirers of the painter may also go to the Munch Museum, which gathers the essential works bequeathed by the artist to the city upon his death.

National Gallery (Nasjonalgalleriet)
Universitetsgata 13
0164 Oslo

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Munchmuseet (Munch Museum)
Tøyengata 53
0578 Oslo

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