The Museum of Archaeology: in pursuit of the Romans

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The Museum of Archaeology: in pursuit of the Romans

The Roman Empire left its mark as far as Mogador and you can find its traces in this museum designed for all lovers of archaeology, large and small.

You will appreciate this museum because it has a human dimension. Opened in 1920, it is full of treasures discovered at that time, which was the golden age of archaeological excavations throughout the Mediterranean. In the main hall, the methods of prospecting, photogrammetry, restoration, and dating are explained and the main sites of Morocco are presented.

Do not miss the room devoted to prehistoric rock-art sites and the High Atlas. You will have the impression of being at the source of the Berber culture. Allow yourself time also in the Phoenician, Carthaginian, and Roman rooms. Under Juba II and Ptolemy, Rome ruled, among others, the towns of Sala, Banasa, and Volubilis. This last town is famous for its patrician villas with magnificent mosaics. You can admire some of its treasures, such as the bronze bust of Cato, as well as the statues of a young man, an old fisherman, and a dog.

Museum of Archaeology
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