The Montreal Tower: better than the Tower of Pisa

The Montreal Tower: better than the Tower of Pisa

From its summit, you can admire the Montreal area and the plain of the St. Lawrence to a distance of 80 kilometres.

A landmark monument of the 1976 Summer Olympics, the Montreal Tower is 165 metres above the Olympic stadium and offers360°views of the city. Completed in 1987 and designed with boldness by French architect Roger Taillibert (to whom we also owe the Parc des Princes in Paris), the tower leans at 45 degrees, making it the tallest tilting building in the world.

By comparison, the angle of the Leaning Tower of Pisa is only 5 degrees. Enjoy the two-minute climb in the vitreous funicular to admire the Olympic Village and the Botanical Garden below. At the top, the viewing platform offers views of the entire city.

The Olympic Park is a short walk from the Botanical Garden and the Biodome, where four ecosystems of the Americas are recreated, each of which teems with life penguins, parrots, piranhas, marine mammals, and more.

Montréal Tower
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