The Moissonnier: authentic French cuisine

The Moissonnier: authentic French cuisine

Starred cuisine in a traditional brasserie setting.

In Cologne, the Moissonnier is one of the institutions of the city, thanks to the Moissonier couple and chef Eric Menchon. All three are French, and they instil an atmosphere of ‘Gallic' brasserie into a setting of mirrors, red banquettes, dark wood panels, and tiled floors.

Holder of two Michelin stars, this brasserie does not like fuss and, even less, mobile phones and tablets better keep them under the table.

Try the geranium-basil caramelised veal sweetbreads, fried sole fillets, or the pigeon Supreme (a specialty of the house) and be inspired by the irresistible cheese platter and quince Tatin. Choose your day carefully: the weekly menu differs from the evening weekend menu.

Le Moissonnier
Krefelder Strasse 25
50 670 Cologne

+49 (0)221 729479

Menu (during the week): around 92 EUR