The Minho region, stronghold of vinho verde

The Minho region, stronghold of vinho verde

In Northern Portugal, the Minho region attracts wine lovers and nature-goers looking for unique cultural folklore.

For centuries, pilgrims walking from the South of Portugal have had to cross the Minho region to reach Santiago de Compostela and they may have left some traces of wisdom through this wine region on their way. Forests and green valleys, covered with vineyards as far as the eye can see, melt with the sea on the western horizon line.
Inns, old manors and mansions each more beautiful than the last, as well as small churches hidden in the valleys all contribute to the genuine and natural charm of the province, which is easily accessible by car under one hour from Porto. The famous vinho verde is made on this rich soil. Take some time to taste – in moderation – this delicious dry and sparkling white wine. Here, the mood is constantly sunny, no matter the weather! The kind local vine growers will happily welcome and guide you. The region is renowned for its local craftsmanship, so do not hesitate and stop at the various shops that border the roadsides.

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