The Ming Tombs: land of eternity of the imperial family

The Ming Tombs: land of eternity of the imperial family

45 kilometres north-west of Beijing, the Ming Tombs are home to the eternal rest of illustrious figures of the dynasty.

In power between the 14th and 17th centuries, the Ming period marks an extremely radiant chapter in the history of the country. Their reign coincided with a cultural renaissance in the arts and in literary production. During the Ming dynasty, China shone brightly. The tour takes you to the cemetery where the imperial tombs are. In China, ancestral worship is an integral part of tradition. These illustrious remains are housed in small imperial palaces, the colours of the sky (yellow tiles) and earth (red walls).

Everything has been kept in good condition to protect the cultural heritage contained within. The “sacred path” or “way of the spirits” is also worth visiting: nearly seven-kilometres long, it leads you from the entrance of the cemetery to the Ming Tombs. Along the way are sculptures of mythical animals and dignitaries of the court. The walk will transport you to a time populated by Chinese unicorns, dragons, and phoenixes.

Ming Tombs
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