The Merlion: symbol of Singapore

The Merlion: symbol of Singapore

On the resplendent Marina Bay is the impressive Merlion, a statue of a lion's head with the body of a fish that has become the legend of the city.

The Merlion is the personification of Singaporean values. One of the few monuments in this ultra-modern city, it honours its history. Singapura literally means ‘the city of the lion', and the statue traces the evolution of what was once a fishing village named Temasek.

Yet the use of the Merlion as a symbol of the city-state is fairly recent, as it was only adopted by the tourist office in 1964. The Marina Bay statue was created that same year by the Englishman Alec Fraser-Brunner. In 2002 it was relocated to its current place. It is 8.6 metres in height and a jet of water gushes from its mouth into the Singapore River.

It provides a memorable image of the city, especially at night, when it is dramatically lit.

Merlion Park