The Mercador Café, for an energy boost!

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The Mercador Café, for an energy boost!

In the downtown neighbourhood of la Ribeira, the Mercado Café turns breakfasts and brunches into events, for the greatest pleasure of locals and travellers alike.

Upon seeing the old-fashioned storefront, you would assume the Mercador Café has been here for a hundred years. The truth is, the café is actually among the newcomers in Old Porto. The window display, the cosy feel inside, and the pretty little terrace rouse the passersby' curiosity.
Inside, a nice wooden bar lines the space, Art Deco light fixtures project delicate lighting onto the tables and an impressive display of tempting delights stands by the door. Fresh juice in carafes and steaming hot cups of coffee are served to clients who have come for a relaxing break before getting on with their day. You too can come devour the best breakfast in town. White omelettes or Popeye eggs (with spinach), homemade Granola, waffles beefed up with peanut butter and banana, or toasts with smoked salmon await. You will stock up on energy to enthusiastically walk the streets of Porto.

Mercador Café
Rua das Flores 180
4050-263 Porto

+351 22 332 3041

Menu: around 15 EUR