The Margi: the sky, the sun, and the sea

The Margi: the sky, the sun, and the sea

In this seafront hotel, you lead the dream life of the gods. A delight that one would like to see last forever...

Here, there's a concerted effort to make you go back in time, to imagine the blessed epoch of the gods, when your only concern is to feel good. The Mediterranean architecture of the hotel is both protective of the sun and, with its bay windows and terraces, fully open to the sea. With decorative lamps and draped curtains, the Margi is a tribute to the rich patrician homes of antiquity.

The days are cadenced by solar power. When the sun is at its zenith, head to the spa to enjoy a Greek aromatic massage.

Later, go swimming in the azure water that is there just for you. In the evening, a Greek dinner is served by candlelight on the terrace, fragrant with jasmine. As usual, the sky is starry and, somewhere in the pine forest, the birds sing. Yet you are only half an hour from Athens and, like many business travellers who have stayed at the Margi, tomorrow morning, you may be in a meeting in one of the ultra-connected conference rooms on the ground floor.

The Margi
Litous 11
166 71 Vouliagmeni

+30 210 892 9000

Rooms: from 194 EUR