The Long Hall: beer-drinking in a Victorian atmosphere

The Long Hall: beer-drinking in a Victorian atmosphere

If you had to personify this pub, which is almost as old as Dublin, it would be a man with a beard as frothy and amber-hued as the selection of beers on tap at the bar.

At this bar you can enjoy the best pint of Guinness in Dublin. Go figure! The Long Hall is undoubtedly one of the best-stocked Dublin pubs. Which is no small feat!

Its selection is second to none with brown, pale, red, white, and rare local ales you will not find anywhere else. This is a legendary pub, but in terms of decor, it is like a Victorian chapel! There are huge mirrors, carved wood-panelled stalls, cosy and plush, and fragrant with barley as evening falls.

Hang on to your bar stool in the evenings because it gets crowded! Except for the television, which shows rugby day and night, you would think yourself in 19th-century Dublin.

The Long Hall
51 South Great George's Street
Dublin 2

+353 (0)1 475 1590

Menu (drinks only): around 5 EUR