The legends of Bobby and the ghost

The legends of Bobby and the ghost

Who doesn't know Greyfriars, the oldest cemetery in Edinburgh? This is where the dog Bobby watched over his missing master and where the ‘Bloody Mackenzie' ghost supposedly still lurks…

Visit Greyfriars cemetery in the heart of Old Town to learn the touching story of Bobby, the Skye terrier who, in the mid-19th century, mourned the death of his master for 14 years. Inconsolable, he stayed day and night next to the grave. This romance so moved the people that, in 1872, the dog was buried next to his late owner. In memory of this unwavering loyalty, a full-size statue of the dog was erected at the entrance of the cemetery. Today still, Bobby of Greyfriars remains a symbol of fidelity for all Scots.
Another story attached to this place, more chilling this time, is that of George Mackenzie, an executioner who horribly persecuted his victims. Legend has it that his ghost still roams here, attacking visitors who venture too close to the vaults. Some tour operators organise night tours of the cemetery, but even a day trip will suffice to give you an appreciation for its strange and spooky atmosphere.

Greyfriars Kirkyard
Candlemaker Row
Edinburgh EH1 2QQ

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