The joyful church of Cap Malheureux

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The joyful church of Cap Malheureux

An ambiguous name – Cap Malheureux (Unhappy Cape), due to all the shipwrecks that have taken place on its shores – and a magnificent church with a red roof.  

When the British landed and took possession of the island in 1810, Cap Malheureux saw a Protestant community settle on its land. Overlooking the turquoise bay, a red-roofed church, symbol of this village at the northern tip of the island, creates a striking contrast.

Even today, many faithful gather there on Sundays to attend services. Their songs and dances joyfully animate this picture-postcard site.

The sublime view on the Coin de Mire and the blue lagoon, the sandy beach and, further, a few fishermen and their colourful boats, is something to be savoured.

Cap Malheureux
Rivière du Rempart