The Ivy: the place to see and be seen

The Ivy: the place to see and be seen

Be sure to dine in the garden of this English cottage, which is overgrown with climbing roses and ivy.

Brunch at the Ivy ranks among the best in the city. In the evening, diners wait for their table reservations with free drink in hand the Ivy is always packed. The patio is delightfully romantic, though abutting a busy street.

Clubbers, starlets, and fashion people put on a great show, and the organic Californian cuisine is light and refreshing. The salads are rather sumptuous: the Caesar is a good bet.

Because of the generally warm weather, there are few classically sauced dishes; rather, there are things that come off the grill, such as organic chicken. The seafood ranges from fish and squid to crabs and lobsters, the last of which can be seen in the tanks. If you like pizza, order the fresh lobster pizza, a house specialty. And, for dessert, the lukewarm apple and blackberry crumble is a real treat.

The Ivy
113 North Robertson Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90048

+1 310 274 8303

Menu: around 45 USD