The iconic Seseña cape

The iconic Seseña cape

If you want to dress like a Castillian nobleman, Capa Seseña is the place to go.

In 1901, the legendary cape was a best-seller (traditionally stitched by hand by Santos Seseña Rojas), as its fluid elegance was the tell-tale sign of a true gentleman.

More comfortable than an overcoat, Seseña capes have wrapped Picasso, Buñuel, Hemingway, Fellini, Mastroianni, Hillary Clinton, Michael Jackson, Bruce Springsteen, Catherine Deneuve, Jane Fonda, and, of course, King Juan Carlos. Since taking over the reins of the family business small in size but more than a century old Marco Seseña has revived the August house by creating stylish models for women in collaboration with Marina Conde, the head designer of La Condesa.

In 2015, Seseña launched a new, shorter-cut line for the modern man. Muy elegante!

Capas Seseña
Calle de la Cruz 23
28012 Madrid

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