The Hollywood Sign: enter the legend!

The Hollywood Sign: enter the legend!

You've seen it in Mulholland Drive and Nip/Tuck: everyone knows that when you're on holiday in California, you have to take a picture of the Hollywood Sign.

A Los Angeles monument that is 14 metres high, the Hollywood sign is the biggest advertising billboard in the world. And, since 1973, the only one of its kind among cultural monuments the world over. When it was inaugurated on the grounds of the owner of Keystone Studios in 1923, it was "Hollywoodland".

After it had deteriorated over time because of lack of maintenance, the monument was saved by a private initiative instigated by Alice Cooper and Hugh Hefner. They stopped its demolition and replaced the letters with these made of durable Australian steel.

A ceremony of state, broadcast to 60 million viewers, unveiled the current version on the 75th anniversary of Hollywood, 14 November 1978. Under the surveillance of dozens of cameras and sensory detectors day and night, the Hollywood Sign is a standby in the Book of Records. Its revamp means it will be still be standing brightly for another 90 years.

Hollywood Sign
4730 Crystal Springs Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90027