The Golestan Palace, a masterpiece of the Qajar era

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The Golestan Palace, a masterpiece of the Qajar era

Otherwise known as the ‘palace of the flower garden', this magnificent monument is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and an absolute must!

Golestan is a quiet sanctuary in the bustle of the Iranian metropolis. This Qajar palace was built in the south of the city, in the ancient heart of Tehran, at a time when it was still a small provincial city. The building, constructed around a beautiful garden, reflects a style unique to the Qajar era, combining traditional Persian arts and crafts along with 18th-century European elements of architecture and technology.

Take time to stroll in the floral garden with its pretty marble paved courtyards dotted with blue-tile ponds. The site perfectly illustrates the art of Persian gardening. Seven buildings are open to the public in this vast collection, so when visiting, do not miss the Ethnographic Museum, the Ivan-e Takht-e Marmar audience hall covered with mirrors and paintings of fictional kings, or the Negar Khane Art Gallery.

Golestan Palace
Arq Square

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