Garden cuisine at The Gardener's Cottage

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Garden cuisine at The Gardener's Cottage

In the neighbourhood of Calton Hill, two talented chefs in a charming 19th-century cottage offer impeccable organic cooking.

The pitch is simple: a gardener's stone hut, with adjoining garden, and two experienced chefs, Dale Mailley and Edward Murray, who love organic products, healthy, seasonal, and local if possible. Together they embarked on an adventure of taste. The atmosphere is casual chic, with a long dinner table in aged wood as the room's centrepiece. In this picturesque setting, conversation comes easily, and the atmosphere is immediately friendly.
On offer are weekday lunches, brunch on weekends, and, in the evening 'discovery' menus of three to six dishes, each perfectly sized to showcase their spectacular flavours. And these are many: herbs from the garden, smoked pigeon, roasted fish, truffles, local cheeses like the Old Winchester, pearl barley, sourdough bread, and, for dessert, buttermilk panna cotta with Yorkshire rhubarb and atsina cress with a liquorice taste. A delight, especially on the weekends, when jazz music is added to the mix.

The Gardener's Cottage
1 Royal Terrace Gardens
London Road
Edinburgh EH7 5DX

+44 131 558 1221

Menu: around 45 GBP