The Four Seasons: five-star sanctuary in the heart of Midtown

The Four Seasons: five-star sanctuary in the heart of Midtown

Everyone wants to go to the Four Seasons, a real New York institution, regardless of the price one needs to pay.

Located just steps from Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, the Four Seasons is the tallest hotel in New York, an elegant, luxurious sanctuary. With 52 floors, this contemporary hotel with exceptional service has a restaurant with two Michelin stars and a first-class spa.

Just entering the lobby with ten-metre ceilings whisks you back to the sumptuousness of the 1920s. Reinventing the classic American skyscraper, the architect I.M. Pei has revived Manhattan's magic through monumental proportions and flawless execution in the recent renovations. The 368 rooms seem straight out of an old black-and-white movie. Twice as large as the average New York room, most have beautiful views of Manhattan, and some even feature a private terrace.

The decoration is inspired by the American Art Deco style and interiors reveal soothing beige tones and handmade furniture. The Ty Warner, the famous hotel suite, is considered the most spectacular and is the most expensive penthouse in the city at a cool $35,000 a night.

Four Seasons
57 E 57th Street
New York, NY 10022

+1 212 758 5700

Rooms : from 650 USD