The Fountain Coffee Shop: lunch at a palace hotel

The Fountain Coffee Shop: lunch at a palace hotel

A jet-set favourite, nothing is more stylish than this coffee shop hidden in the basement of the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Suffice it to say that you have never really experienced L.A. until you try this West Coast establishment. Come into this palace hotel bar and sit down at the counter in the shade of exotic banana trees.

Before your eyes, the chef cooks to order whatever the customer desires. The brunch is remarkable, upstaged only by the ancient beverage fountain, a gleaming chrome masterpiece dating from the 1950s. Besides exquisite coffee liqueurs, it delivers malts, shakes, and fresh fruit and vegetable juices to start the day auspiciously.

These energising drinks go with a selection of omelettes, fruit salad, plus all kinds of crepes, croissants, pastries, and French toast in a large traditional tea room.

The Fountain Coffee Shop
Beverley Hills Hotel
9641 Sunset Boulevard
Beverly Hills, CA 90210

+1 310 276 2251

Menu: around 35 USD