The Everglades: nature in the raw

The Everglades: nature in the raw

You have never seen so many alligators, which can be a real thrill!

Alligators, manatees, pelicans, raccoons, and flamingos all these animals live in the Everglades National Park, the third largest in the United States. Visiting this park is easy: rent a car in Miami, take Tamiami Trail, and then Highway 41.

Once in this immense sub-tropical swamp, overgrown with mangroves, you can take a tour in an airboat, those noisy flat-bottomed boats with airplane propellers, which slide over the water just like they do over grass. This is a good way to see a lot of wildlife, even if you have to cover your ears because of the racket.

There are alligators everywhere; you can see them while walking or biking around. They never come up to you. But though these charming little beasts look perfectly placid, they always sleep with one eye open. Tip: bring powerful mosquito repellent.

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