The Brasserie du Theatre: Art Deco and tradition

The Brasserie du Theatre: Art Deco and tradition

This key location, close to the theatre, immerses you in old-world luxury that you will not want to leave.

The Brasserie du Theatre is a Montpellier institution with the air of a set for The Great Gatsby, taking us back to the 1920s to showcase the Art Deco aesthetic and the ultimate era of refinement and celebration. Wood panelling, stained glass, mirrors, tulip lamps, and leather-upholstered banquettes create an elegant and intimate setting.

Whether you slide into a smooth tobacco-coloured leather armchair, or set up elbow to elbow with other guests at the zinc bar, your impression will always be that of living in a moment of suspended animation, defying the laws of passing time. The menu features a seafood platter that may lure you, given the promise, inscribed in gold letters on the front of the establishment, of a ‘daily arrival from Brittany'. A range of fresh oysters complemented by copious salads, an array of Mediterranean fish dishes, and traditional mains that also include pastas and sauerkraut, make your visit a real immersion in the tradition of home cooking and the ‘brasserie' culture.

La Brasserie du Théâtre
22, boulevard Victor-Hugo
34000 Montpellier

+33 (0)4 67 58 88 80

Menu: around 14.90 EUR