The Bible's message according to Chagall: an almost kaleidoscopicjourney

The Bible's message according to Chagall: an almost kaleidoscopicjourney

Taking the form of a kind of rotunda straight out of a Cubist painting, the Marc Chagall museum was born of the artist's desire to gather his works of religious inspiration in one place

The permanent exhibition has the largest public collection of works by Marc Chagall (more than 800 paintings, gouaches, drawings, etc.) in the world.

The 17 paintings that illustrate the Bible's message were inspired by Genesis, Exodus and the Song of Songs, and emerge through a sensitive prism that is absolutely unique. Looking through Chagall's eyes is like a kaleidoscopic journey to the boundaries of colour and representation. In the auditorium, the intense brightness of the stained glass delivers a fantastic show. The mythological figures captured in the glass seem to dance under the effect of changing rays of light. On recital days, the music veils the pieces with a light musical background that enhances appreciation of the collection.

The rest of the time, a quasi-religious peace reigns in the different rooms, whose curious configurations comprise the visit. Upon leaving, the oft-neglected green areas that surround the rotunda exude serenity, offering an ideal setting for reflecting upon the works.

Musée national Marc-Chagall
36, avenue du Docteur-Ménard
06000 Nice

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