The beautiful, newly restored Rijksmuseum

The beautiful, newly restored Rijksmuseum

It holds a gigantic collection of masterpieces from the Dutch Golden Age.

Vermeer's The Milkmaid or Woman in Blue Reading a Letter, Rembrandt's The Night Watch or The Jewish Bride (1642 and 1667): the invention of “chiaroscuro” made these four works universally celebrated. All are presented here. But many other treasures may also be found in this immense museum, built in 1885 and recently renovated: 30,000 art objects, 17,000 historical documents, 5,000 paintings, including those by Jan Steen and Frans Hals. Sculpture and decorative arts through the centuries are also given pride of place. In fact, here you are invited to take a voyage through art history from the Middle Ages until the 20th century. Even if you are not a student of art history, you will be amazed by this collection presented over four floors in this neo-Gothic building. Set aside ample time for a visit: you will not be disappointed.

Museumplein / Museumstraat 1
1071 CJ Amsterdam

+31 20 662 1440