The beaches: the place for sport and idleness

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The beaches: the place for sport and idleness

Whether you prefer sunbathing or kite-surfing, Cuban beaches await you just minutes from the capital.

You only have to drive ten kilometres east of the city to reach Las Playas del Este, a glorious succession of sandy beaches, including Guanabo, El Mégano, Boca Ciega, Guanabo Santa Maria del Mar, and Tarará. The facilities along this nine-kilometre stretch of coastline are sometimes limited but often charming.

Deserted in the winter, this ‘riviera' is crowded with city people in summer, languishing on sunbeds or frolicking in the waves. Pedal boats and towed banana boats are popular, as is surfing and kite-surfing. Cuba Kite Village is a good place for rentals. For a more romantic version, try paddle boarding in the moonlight. And take a long walk along the beach: each beach has its own atmosphere.

Playas del Este
Santa Maria del Mar
Villa Los Pinos, Via de La Mar
Playa del Este
10900 La Habana