The bazaar, a real Aladdin's cave

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The bazaar, a real Aladdin's cave

Let yourself be drawn into the turbulent atmosphere of the bazaar in the south of the city to find some great souvenirs.

The Tehran bazaar is a place apart. This shopping mecca does not have the architectural beauty of those of Isfahan, Tabriz, or Shiraz, but there is enough here to make you dizzy. Nearly 600,000 people move about here every day, half of them for work. Although some English signs allow you to position yourself, don't be afraid of getting lost in this whirlwind of colour and fragrance! There is no better way to discover this labyrinth, which consists of ten kilometres of covered walkways.

Each lane is devoted to one class of goods: silverware, textiles, spices, gold, carpets… It is, of course, in the last sector that you will be the most solicited by sellers. A city within a city, the bazaar is also home to numerous mosques, restaurants, churches, banks, and cheap hotels... Rather affluent, the ‘bazaaris' also represent a very influential guild. Avoid Thursdays and Fridays, which are days off in Iran. The hectic alleys are then deserted.

Tehran Bazaar
Main entrance along Avenue 15 Khordad