The amazing Pineapple House

The amazing Pineapple House

Did you think that pineapples grow on trees?

Located in the Tampon, the southern territory of Réunion, on the heights of the city of Saint-Pierre, the Maison de l'Ananas (Pineapple House) is dedicated to the cultivation of the most essential tropical fruit of the Island: the Victoria pineapple.

This four-hectare farm offers tours, film screenings and, of course, fresh pineapple juice. This exquisite and inescapable fruit has made its reputation with its intense flesh, its natural sweetness and subtlety of its aromas. The farm produces about 150 tonnes annually using “reasonable” agricultural methods (spraying only when necessary). This earns it a “Red Label”, a French label awarded to produce of superior quality, for pineapple production.

This fruit is produced year-round and guided tours are available by reservation from Tuesday to Sunday.

Maison de l'Ananas
33, rue des Poiriers
Grand Tampon
97430 Tampon

+262 (0)6 92 71 78 20