The Alvorada Palace: in full sail

The Alvorada Palace: in full sail

On Lake Paranoá, in the middle of a huge garden two kilometres from Three Powers Square, the Alvorada Palace (Palace of the Dawn) is the symbol of the Brazilian Republic.

Away from the centre, on the shores of Lake Paranoá, the ‘Palácio da Alvorada', or the Alvorada Palace, is the official residence of Brazilian presidents. It was the first building to be inaugurated in the city, just after the victory of the national football team on June 30, 1958, in the World Cup final in Sweden. That was the cup that crowned a young 18-year-oldstriker and play-maker, Edson Arantes do Nascimento, known as ‘Pelé'. Quadrangular, the building is decorated on the front with a series of diamond-shaped pillars of great lightness in their volumes, that might even be likened to boat sails, and a purity in the lines that enhances the white marble.

Kubitschek was the first tenant of the Palace of the Dawn. He stated, during the construction of the city, that, ‘Brasilia is the new dawn in the history of Brazil'. In front of the palace, The Bathers, by Brazilian sculptor of Italian origin Alfredo Ceschiatti (1918-1989), is an enchantment for the eyes. In the company of other artists like Bruno Giorgi and Dante Croce, he was called upon to beautify the federal capital from the very heart of the cathedral to the square of the Three Powers.

Alvorada Palace
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