The Akershus Fortress, Oslo's emblematic monument

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The Akershus Fortress, Oslo's emblematic monument

The imprint of time and the medieval origins of the city.

Built in the 13th century under Håkon V, the Akershus Fortress (“Akershus festning” in Norwegian) was for a long time the residence of the kings of Norway, and remains today one of the emblems of power. Its strategic location at the seaside makes it an accessible and enjoyable promenade.

The exterior of the fortress recalls its military role in protecting the city, without any doubt, but its interiors were redesigned during the Renaissance into a more comfortable place. History buffs and those who enjoy discoveries from other eras will be delighted by the visit.

Several guided tours are available, one around the history of the fortress on its 700 years of existence, the other centred on the use of it as a prison, which is a guaranteed thrill. Do not miss the crypt in the citadel church, where you will find the royal necropolis containing the tombs of the last kings of Norway. On a friendlier note, during warm weather, picnicking is allowed in the beautiful gardens.

Akershus Fortress (Akershus festning)
0150 Oslo

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