Terminal: a lunch stop

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Terminal: a lunch stop

An old bus station turned into a restaurant. A must in the heart of the city.

You might imagine hearing the conductor say, ‘Terminus', as if the walls were repeating a distant echo. Right in the city centre, this old abandoned bus station has changed direction. Transformed into a trendy restaurant and bar, Zsolt Serényi and Ádám Csáki have brought it to life with slow barbecued meats at the fore (turkey, beef, pork, etc.).

The menu offers modern international and Hungarian dishes under the clocks of different cities, because everything here recalls the place's past. The long leather banquettes evoke waiting rooms, the embedded clocks in the tables are a nod to the departure of the bus, but a display panel shows the WiFi instead of the time. The place is also worth a visit for its design, which respects the original lines of the building, inspired by Bauhaus.

Adjacent to the restaurant, a wine shop offers a selection of choice Carpathian bottles. Upstairs, a design platform, a sort of incubator for ideas, has taken hold. Unsurprisingly, Terminal is frequented by creative young people.

Erzsébet tér 11
1051 Budapest

+36 30 419 5040


Menu: around 3,000 HUF