Temple Street Night Market: Night of the Hunter

Temple Street Night Market: Night of the Hunter

Go into the night, amongst opera singers and fortune-tellers, in search of Chinese antiques or objects of today.

What's the difference between Temple Street Night Market and others? Atmosphere. Everyone's bargaining, of course. But there's also a host of other things to do. Like visit a fortune-teller, who can tell your future from not just your hands, but your face.

And listen to Cantonese opera singers, amateurs for the most part, accompanied by musicians. Browse through the market in the early evening. Then, dine in one of the small restaurants offering seafood of exquisite freshness, frequented mostly by Hong Kong natives.

And what is there to buy? Besides clothes and electronics, there are Chinese opium pipes, acupuncturist boxes, jade, relics from the Maoist era… and selfie sticks. At Temple Street, mingle with the locals at night, in a quiet atmosphere, away from the diurnal agitation.

Temple Street Night Market
Temple Street
Yau Ma Tei
Hong Kong