Temple of Heaven: a bridge between earth and sky

Temple of Heaven: a bridge between earth and sky

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and symbol of Chinese ancestral beliefs.

Off the main streets leading to the south of the city is the Temple of Heaven, the emblem of Chinese heritage. Built in the 15th-century, the building underwent a ten-year renovation as part of efforts by the government to host the Olympic Games of 2008.

The Chinese are, by nature, morning people. Go to ‘Tiantian' at dawn to see their dance and gymnastics rituals. Authenticity wins! It is also a way for Beijingers to avoid the scourge of pollution, which escalates at sunrise when the workday starts. The temple is a UNESCO World Heritage Site whose symmetrical complement is the Temple of Earth in the north of the city. The Temple of Heaven established the legitimacy of emperors and was the place where ritual ceremonies for good harvests were held.

Temple of Heaven
1 Tian Tan Dong Lu
Dongcheng District

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