Technopolis: cultural adventurers

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Technopolis: cultural adventurers

The former Athens gasworks has become a centre open to all urban cultures.

At the entrance is a giant sculpture by Nikos-Gioros Papoutsidis, but it is to the memory of Greek composer Manos Hatzidakis that Technopolis is dedicated. This art centre occupies the site of the factory whose facilities have been kept unchanged. You wander in this post-industrial landscape, between the furnaces, tanks, and red brick buildings turned into showrooms, concert halls, or screening rooms. The 2,000 sqm are devoted to happenings and creativity while cultivating the memory of the place.

Black-and-white photographs depict its working life at the time of closure in 1984. It is here that we find the only museum dedicated to the Greek diva Maria Callas. During the day you come to attend a performance, a reading by a writer, or an art opening. In the evening, not only are all the geeks in attendance, but you can also participate in a rock or techno concert. Nearby, the neighbourhood is ebullient, with its cafés, bars, and restaurants full until dawn.

Pireos 100
118 54 Athens

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