Teatro Romano: Greco-Roman remains between water and skies

antic monument
Teatro Romano: Greco-Roman remains between water and skies

Located in the midst of the city, the Roman theatre bears the signs of history through the ages.

The contrast between the theatre - first built during the Ancient Greece era - and modern housing is absolutely amazing. The darkness of the stones used will also make an impression, as lava rock gives it an even more remarkable appearance.
White marble softens the colour tones of this impressive place that could gather up to 7,000 people, giving you an idea of how important it was for the community. Over time, the traces of its Greek origins have been buried under successive reconstructions. The remains you witness now therefore belong to the Roman period of 200 A.D. The Amenano River used to flow in its underground structure, which allowed then for spectacular staging, like small naval battles.
Today, a beautiful pond edges the stage, at the foot of the steps, bringing some poetry to a solemn site.

Teatro Romano
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