Taypá, Peruvian and Brazilian flavours

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Taypá, Peruvian and Brazilian flavours

A few steps from Paranoá Lake, east of Brasília, Taypá inspires respect on the Brazilian gastronomical scene, serving Peruvian food with contemporary overtones.

The name comes from a Peruvian expression meaning “abundance”. In Brasília, Taypá offers authentic Peruvian food, with a modern twist. With its stylish decoration mostly made of wood, the vast 235 sqm dining room takes on a rustic look due to the various handmade knick-knacks, typical of Llama country, which you will see scattered around. However, a few elements still give it a modern feel, mostly through the use of wood, granite and marble materials.
This duality between past and present also finds its way onto the menu. Explore Peruvian gastronomy by choosing a delicate Salmon Fusion, cooked at low temperature and served with a ginger sauce. Or maybe the braised pak-choï (Chinese cabbage) with grilled pork in soy sauce, unless you opt for the surprising Puerquito e Plátano, pork ribs in tamarind sauce served with banana and orange purée. A true must-try, it has even been awarded “best Peruvian restaurant in Brazil” by Lima's government.

Taypá Sabores Del Peru
St. de Habitações Individuais Sul QI 17 Bloco G - Lago Sul
Brasília 71645-500

+55 (0)61 3248 0403


Menu: around 100 BRL