Tasting at the Chamarel rum distillery

Tasting at the Chamarel rum distillery

A visit to the Chamarel distillery is a complete tourist experience, with its panorama of eco-conscious rums and fine restaurant.

On the Chamarel plain, protected from the wind, the microclimate is perfect for delivering timely rains for growing cane.

On your way to the rum distillery, you'll come across pineapple fields, tropical fruits, and sugarcane, where harvesting is still done by hand. Once you've arrived, the elegant authenticity of the distillery invites discovery.

The rum here is produced from the domain's own sugarcane plantation, which functions eco-consciously to produce rums of high quality. You can taste about a dozen different rums, from several years old XOs to premiums and flavoured rums, which go a long way to immersing yourself in the history of colonial tastes. The domain also has a restaurant that features its own produce, sourced from the estate itself.

Rhumerie de Chamarel
Royal Road

+230 483 4980