Taste Corsican charcuterie

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Taste Corsican charcuterie

Discover the taste and character of the area.

Corsican charcuterie is by far one of France's most popular regional specialties. So much so that it is often copied.

Be careful of the origin of products! Made from pigs fed on chestnuts, acorns, and the wild plants of the maquis, there are many variants. These include the famous figatellu (dried sausage), made with pork meat and liver, which gives it a creamy texture, while coppa, made with pig sirloin, holds a high position in the specialties of the island. You may also discover lonzu, leaner than the previous two, and equally delicious. There are many who know the rules of the art of traditional charcuterie making in southern Corsica, and good addresses abound.

Ask for vacuum packaging in order to bring these delicacies home. Charcuterie is also used in cooking, as some recipes, such as the Corsican classic veal with prizuttu (dried ham with a slight taste of nut), call for it to add flavouring.

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