Taste an authentic Kouign-Amann in Douarnenez

Taste an authentic Kouign-Amann in Douarnenez

Purists will tell you that the world's best Kouign-Amann, the traditional Breton cake, is found in Douarnenez, where it was invented in the 19th century.

When it comes to Kouign-Amann, the traditional Breton cake of puff pastry, heaps of butter, and caramelised sugar, Bretons accept no compromises. Especially in Douarnenez, the birthplace of this Breton delight, which locals will tell you was invented in a bakery on Place Gabriel Peri, using leftover dough, in 1860. In the display cases of the Biscuiterie Coathalem Marin, in the village of Kerlaz, the cult pastry has pride of place next to typical Breton souvenirs such as Quimper porcelain.

Not far away, in the centre of Douarnenez, the Plomarc'h bakery perpetuates the legend better than anyone. The shop is worth visiting, especially for its owner Thierry Lucas, a true enthusiast, who will talk your ear off about this, the most calorific cake in France. According to him, the best way to eat this sinfully rich delight is straight from the oven…

Biscuiterie Marin Coathalem
4 route de Parc Land
29100 Kerlaz-Douarnenez
+33 (0)2 98 91 09 00

Boulangerie des Plomarc'h
20 rue des Plomarc'h
29100 Douarnenez
+33 (0)2 98 92 37 24