Tartine Bakery: for the goodness of the bread

Tartine Bakery: for the goodness of the bread

If you are craving a Parisian baguette or feel like a good sandwich on whole wheat bread, this is your place!

In many parts of the United States, when you ask for bread, you get an all-white sandwich loaf. But Americans have had a culture of good bread in the past and in San Francisco today they have rediscovered this tradition. Elisabeth Prueitt and Chad Robertson are bringing it back. She is a pastry chef. He is a baker. They both trained with Alain Ducasse and René Redzepi.

Result? If you come in at lunchtime, you may have to queue 30 minutes, but you will leave with a hearty sandwich that is as delicious as it is copious, or a generous piece of quiche, or a chocolate fondant that indeed melts in your mouth.

You can choose between several varieties of rustic breads. The flour's origin can be traced and the yeasts are natural. You can buy snacks on site or to take away. Even if you are not French, you can add the Tartine Bakery to your favourites. Their croissants are delicious!

Tartine Bakery
600 Guerrero Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

+1 415 487 2600


Menu: around 5 USD