Swimming with dolphins

Swimming with dolphins

Well-travelled globetrotter or prudent tourist, no matter your status, swimming with dolphins remains a dream shared by all.

Realising this fantasy in the Indian Ocean has its own particular flavour.

It is six in the morning. The sea, calm and serene, becomes iridescent with a thousand bluish splinters. It's time to meet the dolphins that swim in the turquoise waters of Mauritius lagoon. With a mixture of excitement and fear, you grab your mask and snorkel, aware of being only a dive away from this long-awaited experience.

As far as you can remember, you've always dreamed of swimming amongst dolphins. But living this fantasy here, in the middle of the Indian Ocean, takes a whole new meaning. Test the water? What's the point! Without a second thought, you take the plunge! Patience, as they start arriving in groups of 50-300, marine mammals – so curious and intelligent – to celebrate you. In the excitement, you lose your snorkel…