SunnyHills: pineapple cakes galore

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SunnyHills: pineapple cakes galore

SunnyHills, an odd wooden structure, lies in the chic Omotesando neighbourhood, above the urban landscape.

A few hundred metres from the Prada boutique, created by the duo of Swiss designers Herzog & de Meuron, is an oddball building covered in honeycombed wood: the SunnyHills boutique. Under its wooden carcass, dreamed up by the Japanese architect Kengo Kuma, you enter into a tearoom that only sells one dessert, a pineapple cake from Taiwan, called the SunnyHills. Your curiosity will be peaked as soon as you come close to the structure, as you discover the architectural prowess of its creator.

Wishing to recreate a giant bamboo basket, more than 5,000 metres of wood cover the surface, both inside and outside, with the traditional jigoku-gumi method, which literally means ‘an interlocking hell' and which is also seen on a smaller scale in shoji screens. This house of wooden blocks, in the heart of Tokyo, pleases passers-by and is the palace of those who love pineapple.

Clematis no Oka
347-1 Higashino, Nagaizumi
Sunto District
411-0931 Shizuoka

Ryokan Asaba
3450-1 Shuzenji
Izu Shi
410-2416 Shizuoka

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