Stroll among the souks

Stroll among the souks

Shopping destination par excellence, Dubai still has some picturesque traditional souks in the shadows of the supermalls.

In the historical part of the city, where the creek meets the sea, the Deira markets offer a different face of Dubai. Less modern, and swarming with people, the souks make the city feel more human and even endearing; they offer you an insight into the Middle East of yesteryear.

Let yourself be carried away by the smell of lemons, roses, cinnamon sticks, and other mixtures for the kitchen at the spice souk on Sikkat Al Khail street. You can get your fill of all kinds of Arab, Indian, and Asian spices and even different flavours of shisha tobacco, all sold by weight. The Gold Souk will amaze you with its many bracelets, necklaces, and earrings all shining like a thousand lights and presented in a simple building with a wooden roof. Less spectacular, the Naïf souk mean while sells a bit of everything: electronics, appliances, traditional clothing, and counterfeit goods of all kinds.

If you are not faint at heart, you can also check out the fish market, particularly lively in the early morning, when the fishermen land their catch of the night.