Stirling Castle: the memory of the past

Stirling Castle: the memory of the past

Located 58 km from Edinburgh, the castle has a history closely linked to Scotland's. A fortress and a royal palace, it was repeatedly besieged by the English.

As massive and solid as rock, this imposing castle, built atop a rocky promontory, has been destroyed and rebuilt more than once. It has a strategic position in the region, as it paves the way to the Highlands, making it a desired object and the locus of many battles. The most famous, in 1297, was the first Scottish victory over the English army. This was followed a few years later (1314) by the Battle of Bannockburn, which allowed the Scotland of Robert Bruce to regain its independence.
In the 15th century, the castle became one of the residences of the Stuart kings. Mary was crowned Queen of Scots here in 1543; her son, the future James VI, was crowned here in 1566, as was her grandson in 1594. Its architecture and remarkable French Renaissance ornamentation date from this time. It remains a place charged with history.

Stirling Castle
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