St. Nicholas Cathedral: like a stone tsarina on holiday

St. Nicholas Cathedral: like a stone tsarina on holiday

A piece of the heart of Russia is transposed in Nice: here's the dazzling journey that the centuries-old stones of the Orthodox Cathedral of St. Nicholas conceal.

‘Like an immense Tartar cake
Encrusted with gold, with the giant almonds of the white cathedrals
And the honeyed gold of the bells…'

If, in these lines, the French poet Blaise Cendrars wrote to evoke the Kremlin, St. Nicholas Cathedral could arguably claim inspiration.

Admittedly, this queen of orthodoxy is the most beautiful symbol of the ties between Russia and the French Riviera. It also ranks among the most impressive Russian monuments you can visit outside the country of the tsars. Looking at it is a bit like tasting it: its five domes dotted with green and blue are reminiscent of mint sorbets! In addition, the park it enshrines is an invitation to discover, like a diamond, all its facets. Upon entering, the change in scenery is as instantaneous as the temperature drop that accompanies the approach to the iconostasis. Emotion here is at its highest as the sublime is within sight, among the three hundred religious icons cohabiting in the amber shadows of this exceptional place.

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral
Quartier Le Piol
Avenue Nicolas II
06000 Nice

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