Spend the night in a sumptuous caravanserai

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Spend the night in a sumptuous caravanserai

The Abbasi Hotel is undoubtedly the most beautiful hotel in the country and one of the most renowned in the entire Middle East.

Considered the most beautiful residence in the country, the famous Abbasi Hotel, with many suites and rooms as well as a lovely pool, meets all western standards of what a five-star hotel should be. Though the rooms may seem somewhat out-dated, the building is truly dazzling. Built in the 17th century during the Safavid era, under the leadership of Sultan Hossein, it hosted a caravanserai, a Koranic school, and a bazaar.

The structure is typical of the architecture of Isfahan with its azure dome and arches on two floors. The 80-metre-wide square courtyard has a superb Persian garden planted with mulberry trees and cypresses, as well as a central basin. This wonderful haven is accessible to non-residents who can come and enjoy a steaming tea, smoke a hookah, or eat in one of the restaurants. But whether you decide to stay there or not, the hotel is undoubtedly one of the places to visit in Isfahan.

Abbasi Hotel
Rue Amadegah

+98 31 32226010


Rooms: from 5,786,228 IRR