SoulCycle: Try the latest sporting craze

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SoulCycle: Try the latest sporting craze

Amidst an ambiance as explosive as a night on the town, you can burn off more calories in an hour than you would during a 20-kilometre run… Welcome to SoulCycle!

The new fad in New York can be found from Greenwich Village to Union Square, Tribeca to SoHo Manhattan has more than 15 SoulCycle studios in all.

The recipe is simple for this cycling revival: rooms with 30 exercise bikes and ultra-loud and ultra-fast music, where teachers are DJs, entertainers, and stars at the same time. The real novelty lies in the fact that this one hour cycling class is a total body workout. During the session, while pedalling, you will do pumps directly on the handlebar or work your biceps with an Elastiband hanging from the ceiling. In short, one hour of total body cycling, where it is not just your legs getting a work out but your upper body too.

The reasons for success are simple: a fool-proof marketing campaign, a great logo, a community of soul cyclers who live and dress SoulCycle, designer clubs with minimalist decor, and cycling rooms available all over town. Classes are given throughout the day and, once you have paid for classes online or on the spot, you can go to any class at a moment's notice, without registering in advance.