Somtum Der: Isaan cuisine at its most glorious

Somtum Der: Isaan cuisine at its most glorious

Put aside an evening to try the legendary dish of North Thailand: spicy papaya salad.

Often unknown abroad, Thai regional traditions and specialties are the subject of a true renewal in the restaurants of the capital. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to the most refined of them, the cuisine of Isaan, in the northeast of the country, and its most iconic dish: som tum.

This spicy papaya salad is a jewel of freshness: crunchy grated ​​green papaya, herbs, chopped peanuts, fresh peppers, raw fish, and grilled meat.

Chef Thanaruek is the master: his restaurant in Silom serves 20 varieties of tom sum, like catfish, grilled chicken, mackerel, egg, and superb traditional classics like the “Crying Tiger”. Beautifully decorated in white wood and paper lamps, the restaurant recalls the atmosphere of the traditional inns of his beautiful region of origin.

Somtum Der
5/5 Sala Daeng Silom Road Soi
Silom, Bangrak

+66 (0)2 632 4499

Menu: around 550 THB