Smith and Wollensky: the meat specialist

Smith and Wollensky: the meat specialist

People come to this restaurant for its hearty dishes and elegant ambiance.

The success of this restaurant, a classic and excellent steakhouse, is undeniable. If you have been to one of the chain's establishments in New York, Chicago, or Washington you know the formula.

Here, across from the entrance to the channel, in this colonial house, the atmosphere is very elegant. The tables in this large bright room with sea view are well spaced, with white tablecloths, and comfortable chairs. If you're famished, rest assured: the plates are large. The specialty of the menu is of course, meat, especially filet mignon, beef tartare, and sirloin steaks.

But you may prefer the truffle mac & cheese, barbecued tuna served with seaweed salad or the generous seafood platter. The desserts are homemade, and the wine list is remarkable. At night, ask to dine on the terrace overlooking the bay, where a romantic atmosphere is guaranteed.

Smith and Wollensky
1 Washington Avenue
Miami Beach, FL 33139

+1 305 673 2800

Menu: from 70 USD