Sloppy Joe's: a legendary address for first-rate cocktails

Sloppy Joe's: a legendary address for first-rate cocktails

Opened in 1919, this bar was once famous for its… lack of hygiene! The facility has cleaned its kitchen but kept its cachet.

‘Sloppy Joe' was the nickname given to the first owner of this bar, José Garcia, a young Spanish immigrant renowned for, well, being sloppy. His bar, however, had a solid reputation for friendliness, particularly among the immigrant population of Havana. From 1940-1950, it became a hotspot for starlets and mobsters, who liked to hang out, get drunk, and wolf down Joe's famous sandwich of ropa vieja—stewed beef and crudités.

Destroyed by fire, the bar closed its doors in the 1960s and didn't reopen until 2013.

The new Sloppy Joe's, with its Neoclassical facade, remains faithful to the original, and still offers its famous Sloppy Joe sandwich, matched with a full menu of stunning cocktails.

Sloppy Joe's Bar
Calle Zulueta n° 252 angle Animas y Virtudes
La Habana Vieja
10100 La Habana

+53 7 866 7157

Menu: around 5 CUC (for a sandwich and a cocktail)