Skating and the arts at the Hermitage Garden

Skating and the arts at the Hermitage Garden

Come here to sun tan, cultivate yourself, and relax under the tall leafy trees. In winter, go skating here, just like at other magnificent parks throughout the capital.

There are three theatres in the flowery Hermitage Garden: the Sphera (drama), the New Opera, and the Hermitage (classics). Go for a stroll and discover, in the midst of squirrels and pheasants, busts of Victor Hugo, donated by the city of Paris, and Dante Alighieri, a gift of the Italian government. Jazz festivals and spiritual music rise from this literal sea of flowers, dotted with restaurants, café patios in fine weather, children's amusement-park rides, art and dance studios, kiosks, and flower beds.

In this 120-year-old bower, Moscow's first entertainment garden, you can skate around the ice rink beginning in mid-November before venturing out, later in the winter, onto the icy walkway with your skates still on. This is a magical place, where, in 1898, Anton Chekhov's first works were presented to the public. This jewel of greenery is as good for the lungs as it is for the brain cells.

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